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Truck Construction Services

An image of a large crane on a construction site for Scales Sales and Services with headquarters in Omaha, NE.

Truck scale construction jobs aren’t something anyone can do. It requires a trained, certified professional to ensure your truck scale or rail scale is properly installed. The most important decision you will make when purchasing a new truck scale is choosing a truck scale distributor. Choose one who will not only help guide you in choosing the proper truck scale but will also install and maintain the scale. Trust the certified technicians from Scales, Sales and Service to come out to your property and install your new truck scale.

A truck scale is a large investment for any industry or business. However, it plays a critical part in helping your business perform its services to their fullest potential. It is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment your industry requires. One where you collect all the incoming or outgoing weight information needed to buy or sell goods while meeting legal-for-trade requirements. Without proper scale installation or scale calibration, your business could be missing out on thousands of dollars.


There are many facets of installing a truck scale you need to consider prior to the installation of a truck scale and when finalizing your truck scale design.

Room for vehicle maneuvering

Traffic flow entering and exiting the truck scale

Weighing application needs

Filling and dumping stations

Room for routine maintenance and inspections

Length and width requirements

Site survey

Safety considerations

Future capacity needs


Pitless scales take up a lot of real estate. Not every location has the space to install a pitless which therefore requires our techs to install a pit scale. Pit scales are not the preferred truck scale as they require more maintenance from the owner.

 Pit Truck ScalesPitless Truck Scales
Approaches10 feet flat and level.10 feet flat and level plus room for ramps.
Clean OutTime consuming and manual clean out. Requires more clean out than a pitless scale.Quick and easy clean out. Often completed by spraying off with a hose.
Scale InspectionDone inside the pit.Done by walking around scale.
RampsNoneApprox. 25 feet on both sides. Requires more real estate than a pit scale.
Electricity RequirementsRequired for pit lamps and sump pump if no drain is present.None
Snow RemovalEasy – scale is level with ground.More difficult – snow can build up under scale causing accuracy issues.
CostMore expensive – additional groundwork, concrete and reinforcing steel is neededLess expensive – less construction and materials needed


There is no one better to install your new truck or rail scale than the business providing you with the scale. At Scales, Sales and Service, we provide a true turnkey scale installation operation, handling your weighing solutions from start to finish. Our in-house scale construction division can handle the engineering and design aspects for your new scale approaches and foundations as well as provide pit extensions or adjustments to existing scales. We take pride in the quality of our work on every level and this standard holds true with our scale construction division.

Scales, Sales and Service in-house construction services include:

Pit extensions
Turnkey installations
Concrete foundations and approaches
Existing scale adjustments or removals


Scales, Sales and Service offers quality, efficient scale construction for truck scales. Whether you need a pit scale or pitless scale, our team will be able to install your new scale in a timely manner and ensure it is accurately weighing your loads. Scales, Sales and Service technicians are all properly trained and qualified to install truck scales in any state. We work with highly reputable truck scale manufacturers to ensure we are providing our customers with a reliable, high quality truck scale.

For more information or to get started on your truck scale installation, give us a call!