Precision Measuring Equipment

Scales Sales & Service offers precision measuring equipment to meet the precise needs of your laboratory. We have a metrologist in-house who has years of hands-on experience in precision measurement calibrations. With distributorship in the top brands of the industry, you are sure to find high-quality, reliable precision equipment. With an emphasis on calibration. Our technicians will ensure your precision measuring tools are properly calibrated and providing accurate results every time.

Our precision equipment provide accurate and reliable measurements with regular compliance and are user friendly.

Precision Calibration Services

We specialize in precision calibrations for multiple measuring devices. Some of our unparalleled scale offerings include:

Pipette calibrations
Pressure calibrations

Temperature calibrations
Flow calibrations
Dimensional calibration
Mass calibration

Quality Calibrations

Scales Sales & Service has years of experience calibrating precision measuring equipment anywhere from a school laboratory to a medical buildings operating room. We are your local providers of precision measuring services. If you are preparing for your upcoming audit and need a comprehensive precision calibration done, give us a call.

Scales Sales & Service offers a variety of precision measuring equipment and can accurately calibrate any scale. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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