Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration

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Flow meters provide important measurements of fluid quantities in equipment. Ranging from gas pumps to beverage machinery, if your flow meter isn’t properly calibrated, you’re at a loss. Ensure your meter is accurate with precision measuring and calibration from Scales Sales and Service.


Scales Sales and Service recommends having your flowmeter calibrated every six months or before it goes out into the field. We have experienced technicians that follow all industry standards when calibrating your flow meter. When calibrating flow meters, it is best to perform the calibration under conditions that are typical of the flowmeter’s actual operation. With a technician from Scales Sales and Service, you can rest easy knowing that they will follow best practices when it comes to properly calibrating your flow meter, providing you with accurate measurements every time.

Recalibration involves calibrating a flowmeter after it has been in service for a period of time. Similar to calibration, recalibration is done by a professional at Scales Sales and Service. There are multiple methods of recalibrating a flowmeter. Software programs are available for some that can determine if they need to be recalibrated. There are also other diagnostic tests that can be run to identify any underlying causes that may be affecting the flow meter measurement reading.


When products are valued based on fluid quantity, you need to ensure your flow meter is properly calibrated giving you accurate readings every time. Scales Sales and Service offers flow meter calibration services. Our flow meter calibration procedures utilize gravimetric flow methods or direct comparison methods. Our experienced technicians follow industry standards and requirements. Technicians are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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