Pipette Calibrations

pipette testingPipette calibration is a fundamental practice of any laboratory and should be considered a vital part to your laboratory regime. The enhance lab performance by guaranteeing the highest measurement accuracy. However, those results are only as accurate as the pipette reads. If your pipette hasn’t been calibrated in a couple months, or perhaps years, turn to Scales Sales & Service. We have a metrologist in house who has experience calibrating pipettes producing accurate results every time.

Proper Pipette Calibration Matters

You rely on your pipette giving you accurate results every time. Something as little as a fingerprint or even heat from the operator’s hands can cause small discrepancies in measurements.

Pipettes require accuracy and precision and the interval at which a pipette needs to be calibrated depends on several factors:

– How intensively and often the pipettes are used
– Skill of technicians using them
– Types of liquids pipettes are being used for
– Accuracy and precision required. If they demand
superior accuracy, pipettes will also
demand more frequent calibrations.

Accurate Calibrations

Scales, Sales & Service uses precision measuring to ensure all pipette calibrated are accurate. We know how much your industry relies on proper measurements which is why we ensure all your pipettes are properly, accurately calibrated. If you haven’t had your pipette calibrated in years, we strongly recommend you do so right away! One tiny fingerprint can throw your measurements off drastically. We recommend that all industry pipettes are calibrated every six months to ensure they are providing satisfactory performance.

For accurate pipette calibrations, call Scales Sales and Service. We have the experience when it comes to calibrations.

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