Pipette Calibrations

Regular pipette calibration and maintenance is necessary for any laboratory to achieve accurate critical measurements. Pipette inaccuracies and inconsistent measurements can cause invalid results in dosing applications. Regular pipette calibration enhances laboratory performance by guaranteeing the highest measurement accuracy and repeatability. Regular pipette PM’s guarantee the longevity of the pipette calibration.

Scales Sales & Services offers pipette calibrations onsite at any of our client’s facilities in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and South Dakota. We also offer in laboratory services available by mail in or drop off at any of our locations in Nebraska, Iowa, or Colorado. We have the ability to calibrate and perform maintenance on most brands and types of pipettes.

Pipette Calibration with Quality Results and EXCEPTIONAL turn-around time.

Scales Sales & Service Offers Three Levels of Service

Level 1 Pipette Calibration – Cheapest

  • Includes adjustment without report
  • Lubrication
  • Full functional check & PM (parts not included)

Level 2 Pipette Calibration – Best Bang for the Buck

  • Includes adjustment with 4×4 As Found As Left Readings (Meets all criteria for ISO Quality Systems)
  • Pipette calibration performed to ensure accuracies published in ISO 8655, or other accuracies of your choosing
  • Lubrication
  • PM and oring replacement
  • Full functional check
  • Complete PM is an available add – on (includes complete rebuild of pipette)

Level 3 Pipette Calibration – Bullet Proof Documentation

  • Includes adjustment with 10×10 As Found As Left Readings (Meets all criteria for all Quality Systems and Regulatory Bodies)
  • Pipette calibration performed to meet all requirements specified in ISO 8655
  • Lubrication
  • PM and oring replacement
  • Full functional check

Complete PM is an available add – on (includes complete rebuild of pipette)

How Often between Pipette Calibrations?

You rely on your pipette giving you accurate results with every measurement. Something as little as heat from the operators hands can cause small discrepancy in your measurements.

How accurate your pipettes are depend on:

  • How often they’re used
  • Skill of the technician using them
  • Types of liquids the pipettes are being used for
  • Accuracy of precision expected out of the pipette  (If they demand superior accuracy, pipette calibration will be required more frequently)
  • Our pipette calibration experts are able to provide you with data based recommendations on calibration intervals. Most applications find the best success with pipette calibration occurring every 6-12 months.

Planned Maintenance during Pipette Calibration

Scales Sales & Service has the ability to support almost any make, model, and type of pipette. This includes Types D1 and D2 Pipette Calibration, Single Channel Pipette Calibration, and Multi-Channel Pipette Calibration.

All of our services come with an option to perform preventative maintenance with every calibration. This ensure the longevity of pipette calibration. We are able to perform all of our PM services at any of our locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado or our other service areas that include Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.

Our PM Service Includes:

  • Replacement of all Orings
  • Replacement of all Seals
  • Pipette Rebuild and Lubrication

Bundled Laboratory Services Packages

Scales Sales and Service offers calibration on a large variety of different test and measurement equipment. Bundle all of your calibrations together for VIP Customer service rates!

Its as easy as 1,2,3

  1. You send us an equipment inventory of all of the items you have serviced in your laboratory.
  2. We send you a quote with our VIP discounted service rates.
  3. You tell us when to be there!

Bundling services provides you many tangible benefits:

  1. Less vendors to manage
  2. Better pricing
  3. Better customer service
  4. More convenient and reliable scheduling

Examples of other laboratory services we commonly bundle with pipette calibrations:


  • Temperature Mapping
  • Centrifuge Calibration
  • Autoclave Calibration
  • Balance Calibration
  • Oven Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
  • Hot Plate Calibration
  • Titrator Calibration
  • Moisture Balance Calibration
  • Hygrometer Calibration
  • pH Meter Calibration
  • Conductivity Meter Calibration
  • Chlorine Meter Calibration
  • Burette Calibration

All of these services can be provided within any of our service territory in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

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Our Method

The pipette calibration procedure that we commonly adhere to is titled ISO 8655. The pipette industry, including manufacturers, have adopted this as the industry accepted method of performing pipette calibration.

All in all – the method that we use to perform your pipette calibration is called the Gravimetric Method. This is the method of using weighing results to perform the pipette calibration.

When circumstances arise that prevent ISO 8655 specifications from being fully met, we correct for it in the measurement result or in the uncertainty of measurement being reported.

Having the flexibility to perform these corrections efficiently and effectively is what sets us apart from the competition.

Its what allows us to offer a quality onsite pipette calibration service at an economical cost to you.

Our Experience

Our pipette calibration experts have experience servicing and calibrating pipettes onsite and in a laboratory for highly regulated clients such as Crime Labs and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers.

Our Pipette calibration experts have experience performing calibrations for many different types of life science laboratories, research and development facilities, and customers as large the Big 5 Oil Producers. We’re equipped to handle hundreds of your laboratory equipment calibrations, and we’re priced right if you only need one or two.

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Common Causes of Errors in Pipetting

  • Incorrect Immersion Depth of Pipette tip

Propper immersion depth is necessary for the accuracy of the pipette.  Seen manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended tip depth for your pipettes.

  • Too much angle in Pipette dispensing

Pipettes should be used at or within a few degrees of vertical while dispensing.

  • Not pre-rinsing the pipette

A few re-rinsing cycles are recommended prior to pipette operation.

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