Weight Calibration

Weight Calibration

Regular calibration of your test weights is an extremely critical component of every laboratory quality system, and in our commercial practices. Weight inaccuracies often lead to incorrect calibration of scales and other devices. Regular weight calibration helps minimize your risk in out of tolerance weights.

Scales Sales & Service has one of the only accredited mass labs in the Midwest with the ability to turn around weight calibrations in as little as 48 hours! Weight calibration is offered to our customers in our laboratory, however, we offer pick up and delivery services to all of our customers in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, and Colorado.

Fastest Turn Around Times Available!

With the ability to provide accredited weight calibrations and mass calibrations, we eliminate delivery and freight charges.

The Most Convenient, Cost Effective Weight Calibration Around!

Scales Sales and Service offers the most convenient weight calibration in our service territories of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. Things we offer, include

Pick Up and Delivery

  • We work to make your pick up and delivery experience, the most economical for you as possible.
  • We will pick up or deliver weights in Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado

Refinishing of your weights

  • Repainting your weights
  • Replacing seals in your weights

Fastest Turn Around!

    • With Technicians in Iowa, Nebraska, in Colorado and a staffed quality team, we are available to pick up your weights on short notice
    • The ability to perform weight calibrations in our calibration laboratory minimizes costs, and speeds the process up a few days
    • Turn around times available, up to 36 hours!

Scales Sales & Service Offers Three Levels of Service

Level 1 Weight Calibration – Best for custom weights

  • Includes report of value
  • Option of ISO 17025 Weight Calibration Certificate

Level 2 Weight Calibration – Non Accredited Weight Calibration

  • Includes As Found and As Left Weight Calibration Data
  • Weight Adjustment as Necessary
  • Paint and Routine Maintenance

Level 3 Calibration Calibration – ISO 17025 Accredited Weight Calibration

  • Includes As Found and As Left Weight Calibration Data
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Weight Calibration Report
  • Meets all quality system and regulatory requirements
  • Adjustments made in accordance ASTM E617 or HB 105
  • Paint and Routine Maintenance

How Often between Weight Calibrations?

You rely on your weights giving you accurate results with every measurement. Something as little as fingerprints from the operators hands can cause small discrepancy in your measurements.

How accurate your weights are depend on:

  • How often the weights are used
  • Skill of the technician using the weights
  • How the weights are stored
  • Weight Accuracy Class  
  • Finish of the weight


  • Our weight calibration experts are able to provide you with data based recommendations on calibration intervals. Most applications find the best success with weight calibration occurring every 6-24 months.

Bundled Laboratory Services Packages

Scales Sales and Service offers calibration on a large variety of different test and measurement equipment. Bundle all of your calibrations together for VIP Customer service rates!

Its as easy as 1,2,3

  1. You send us an equipment inventory of all of the items you have serviced in your laboratory.
  2. We send you a quote with our VIP discounted service rates.
  3. You tell us when to be there!

Bundling services provides you many tangible benefits:

  1. Less vendors to manage
  2. Better pricing
  3. Better customer service
  4. More convenient and reliable scheduling

Examples of other laboratory services we commonly bundle with pipette calibrations:


  • Temperature Mapping
  • Centrifuge Calibration
  • Autoclave Calibration
  • Balance Calibration
  • Oven Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
  • Hot Plate Calibration
  • Titrator Calibration
  • Moisture Balance Calibration
  • Hygrometer Calibration
  • pH Meter Calibration
  • Conductivity Meter Calibration
  • Chlorine Meter Calibration


  • Burette Calibration

All of these services can be provided within any of our service territory in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

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Our Method

Our weight calibration laboratory follows the same protocols and procedure as State Weights and Measures Labs. We are assessed to the same quality requirements. This is represented by our ISO 17025 Accreditation for Weight Calibration through Perry Johnson Laboratories for performing calibrations to NIST HB 6969.

We are able to provide Accredited Weight Calibration Services to our customers in all of our service territories in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri. You can either mail or ship your weights to our calibration laboratory, or arrange for pick up and delivery by one of our technicians.

The Best Service at the Best Price!

Our Experience

Our weight calibration experts have experience calibrating precision weights, as well as field standard weights. We have performed weight calibrations for the Food and Beverage Industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Pharma, Crime Labs, and other highly regulated industries.

Our weight calibration experts are sure to adjust your weights BEFORE they go out of tolerance. This helps ensure the long term weight calibration.

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Buy New Weights

Scales Sales & Service offers the highest quality name brand weights at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s a gram weight or a 1000 lb weight, we can cover all of your weight purchasing needs.

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