Balances are used in nearly every industry. From weighing food to prescription drug and blood use, Scales, Sales and Service has a balance fit for your industry. We can supply you with the most up-to-date analytical equipment that will comply with all FDA regulations. If your business profits off the weight of goods, you need an accurate balance scale from Scales, Sales and Service. We can service and support all balance brands, makes and models.

Browse our selection of balances below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect balance for businesses demands.

Pharmacy Balances

Scales, Sales and Service has pharmacy balances perfect for all legal-for-trade needs. We have a variety of digital balances that provide quick, accurate measurements. Not only do we provide you with an accurate, durable pharmacy balance, we also offer a preventative maintenance plan that will ensure you are up to code with FDA laws. Pharmacy balances require preventative maintenance at least once a year to comply with state laws. Be certain your scale is following FDA laws by getting it calibrated and serviced by the professionals at Scales, Sales and Service.

Preventative Balance Scale Maintenance

Although you aren’t weighing heavy amounts of product, your scale still needs to be calibrated to give you accurate readings all the time. Scales, Sales and Service provides preventative maintenance for all makes and models of balance scales. Whether you purchased from us or not, we can service it. Our preventative maintenance plan covers your scale for the year. Our team will calibrate your scale and service it, so it complies with state law and state regulations.

For precision weighing needs, Scales, Sales and Service carries many types of quality laboratory balances from various brands. Find the balance that will fit your desired needs with all the features you are looking for with us!

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