Floor Scales

Floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength suitable for any high output warehouses. Scales, Sales and Service offers floor scales that will accommodate steel, pallets, steers, people or semi-trucks. Get a scale that can stand the test of time no matter the environment. With an industrial floor scale from Scales, Sales and Service, you won’t have to worry about business slowing down.

We work with RoughDeck floor scales as they are one of the highest rated, most durable and accurate industrial floor scales on the market today. RoughDeck floor scales can be made to any custom size, shape or capacity to meet unique needs. They are built to last and withstand explosive atmospheres and heavy wash-downs. These scales are perfect for high volume manufacturing companies that can help increase workplace efficiency from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive environments.

Floor Scale Rental

At Scales, Sales and Service, we offer floor scale rentals as we understand that not every business is ready to invest in their own scale or they might not need it long term. We offer a wide variety of floor scale rentals from trusted brands. When you rent a floor scale from us, you can rest easy knowing that our team will install, maintain and remove when finished with the scale.

Accurate Weighing

Floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength needed to provide accurate weighing. Whether it’s steel, pallets, people or semi-trucks, we can help you find the right floor scale. Scales, Sales and Service will construct a portable floor scale or industrial sized floor scale in your warehouse and also provide preventative maintenance annually.

For more information on purchasing a floor scale or floor scale rentals, contact Scales, Sales and Service!