Solar Powered Truck Scales

Solar powered truck scales are a newer automatic truck scale. If you are installing a new truck scale somewhere you don’t have access to a power source, perhaps you’re in the market for a solar power scale! Scales, Sales and Service has solar powered truck scales available for all types of industries.

Mobile Solar Truck Scale

Reduce costs with a new solar powered truck scale. Solar powered truck scales are the perfect scale to install for scales located in areas that don’t have access to power and in remote locations. Solar power can be applied to all scales with a focused effort on remote truck scales. These scales have the power to run printers, weight displays, and all other types of scales.

With a solar powered scale, you are able to manage your truck scale from an outdoor kiosk from any of your computers in the area. This allows for wireless monitoring and connection meaning you can weigh a truck from a phone, tablet, or computer. Move production along faster and more accurate with a solar powered truck scale.

Quality Scales

Scales, Sales and Service customizes each solar powered scale to fit their customers needs. If you need a large scale for a small area, we will work with you to find the best solution and scale that will not only fit your desired location but also exceed your desired scale needs. For a customized solar powered truck scale, contact the truck scale specialist at Scales, Sales and Service.

Our team of expertly trained and certified truck scales technicians will come out to your property and install your new solar powered scale. We also offer a preventative maintenance plan that will cover all scale calibration throughout the year. Our scale service is truly unlike any other. With technicians located throughout the United States, we have the flexibility to be on your property, repairing your scale, in a timely manner. For a quality scale from a quality company, choose Scales, Sales and Service.

Contact us today for more information on solar powered truck scales.