Portable Group Livestock Scale - MAS-P

Rice Lake’s OnBoard weighing design is ideally suited to the unpredictable conditions of multi-site use. The Portable Group Animal Scale is capable of providing Legal-for-Trade weights in locations where the scale may be off-level by as much as four degrees or six per cent. In addition to the scale’s ability to meet the physical demands of remote cattle weighing, the instrumentation package that complements the scale provides a complete report for each batch and lot of animals weighed. When the scale is in weigh-mode the deck is only six inches off the ground. The low profile of the weighing platform makes loading and unloading livestock quick, easy and safe.
Rice Lake Portable Scales are NTEP approved in the U.S., an approval that is generally accepted by most state agencies. It is also approved in Canada by Measurement Canada. The Portable Group Animal Scale includes a rubberized deck and a premium quality powder system. Also two (2) standard gates and arubber T-belt on entry and exit are included.
  • 13 x 8: 15,000, 5 lb increments 18 x 8: 20,000, 5 lb incrementsRubberized deck
  • Approved Legal for Trade in Canada and the United States
  • Low deck height of only six inches
  • Can be used on any firm surface up to 6% grade
  • Junction box for load cells