RoughDeck® SS Stainless Steel Floor Scale

The Toughest, Most Accurate Floor Scale Available
The RoughDeck SS floor scale is designed specifically for Legal for Trade applications requiring the added corrosion protection of stainless steel. Applications include dry chemical operations, fertilizer plants and other industries which require non-washdown corrosion resistance.
A rigid six-inch, 304 stainless steel channel frame and smooth top plate provide a durable scale deck. For added corrosion resistance, four NTEP Certified stainless steel load cells, a stainless steel TuffSeal summing junction box and EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable complete the RoughDeck SS package.
The channel frame provides added protection by enclosing the load cells, cable and junction box inside, away from chemicals and other industrial elements.
  • Size:numerous, call for details

End Load Capacity:

  • 200% full scale at 1,000 lb
  • 100% full scale at 2,000 lb and 5,000 lb
  • 80% full scale at 10,000 lb


  • NTEP CC 92-001, Class III 5,000 d