Single Animal Scale – SAS

Single Animal Weighing Anywhere You Need It
The Rice Lake SAS Series single animal scale is a robust solution for individual animal weighing. With a load capacity of up to 5,000 pounds and Legal for Trade readability of one pound increments, the SAS is ideal for county fairs, youth agriculture organizations, university research centers, veterinary practices and small- to medium-size operations that do not require a multi-animal scale.
Solid Construction
The SAS is built with 48-inch solid kick panel sides and thick wall tubing for added operator and livestock safety. The subframe features a durable, 3 x 6 inch thick wall tubing. A choice from swing gates, sliding gates or combination gates ensures the best fit for the environment’s demands. Gates are also interchangeable after use, allowing the scale to change with your operations. Load cells and electronic components are housed in protective enclosures above the subframe, away from muddy and sloppy ground.
The SAS features unmatched traction for animals in wet and slippery conditions with a choice of either X-Lug or X-Plank flooring. Both styles are made from durable, recycled plastic and rubber material that will never rot or harbor bacteria. X-Lug flooring uses a deep, aggressive tread, and X-Plank flooring utilizes a less-aggressive, wheel-accessible tread.
  • Inside Dimensions: 8 x 3 ft
  • NTEP CC 99-091–certification
  • 5,000 x 1, 5 k load cell
  • Swing gate, sliding gate or one slide gate and one swing gate


Special Specifications:
  • Optional Pearson head gate available with swing gate or slide gate
  • Optional bison configuration
  • 48 in solid kick panel sides