Stationary Livestock Scale - MAS-LC

This scale combines the accuracy of fully electronic weighing technology with steel I-Beam weigh bridge designs typically found in heavy capacity vehicle weighing scales. With a wide range of sizes, the MAS-LC is the right choice for any stationary cattle weighing application.
Racks & Gates
3 inch thick wall tubing for the sectional uprights with 2 inch horizontal thick wall tubing connecting the uprights. Powder coated 11 gauge steel plate above the structural I-Beam is 4 feet tall and ensures reliable containment.
Deck Construction
The shipping weights of the MAS-LC scales tell the story. This scale is not only one of the heaviest in its class; it is also extreme duty. Steel I-Beam construction using W 16 inch x 26 lb per foot structural main beams with S 4 inch x 7.7 lb per foot cross beams with 1.5
x ¼ inch stringers between the beams. This weighbridge is built to last a generation or longer.
  • Load Cell Capacity: 10 K Full Scale Capacity: 20,000 lb
  • Solid 48 inch kick panel sides
  • Solid 48 inch kick panel gate