Atlantic Scale Services

Scales, Sales and Service has an extensive line of durable, quality built and reliable scales located in Atlantic, Iowa. We offer truck scales, rail scales, livestock scales, lab scales, cannabis scales and many more scale variations along with our full service department and in house construction installation across the United States. Whatever scale service you need, whether it be repairs, construction, calibration, maintenance, or a scale rental, Scales, Sales and Service is there for you.

Scale Calibration

Scale calibration is the most important piece of your scale to maintain. Even the smallest error or improper truck scale calibration could contribute significantly to potential revenue loss. No matter what you are weighing, you rely on your scale to deliver accurate results for maximum revenue potential. Technicians are available throughout the Atlantic area to service and properly calibrate your truck scale or rail scale.

Scale Construction

As part of our service to you, our in-house Iowa team will construct your truck scale, railroad scale and livestock scales. Truck scale installations aren’t something just anybody can do. They require a trained, certified professional if you want to have an accurate scale put in place. Part of the battle companies face is that their scale is not properly calibrated therefore they are either losing money or overcharging on their goods. Both are not something any company wants to face. With Scales, Sales and Service, you can rest easy knowing that our team is all professional trained and qualified to tackle any Atlantic scale construction project. Your measurements will be weighed accurately and efficiently giving you peace of mind next time you need to weigh your freight.

Scale Maintenance

All scales require preventative maintenance at least once a year, some scales twice a year. As part of our service to all our customers, we provide preventative maintenance on scales we sell and rent. If you have an old scale that hasn’t been serviced in a few years or even months, perhaps your measurements aren’t being recorded accurately. Contact us today for more information on our PM services.

Scale Rentals

Purchasing a scale might not be a necessity for all businesses which is why Scales, Sales and Service offers scale rentals on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis throughout Atlantic. We provide the same 24/7 support service and a PM plan for the duration of the scale rental. Our team will even come and install the scale for you as part of our service to you!

Scale Testing

All States Rail Testing division is certified coast-to-coast with the ability to service your rail scale wherever your rail business may take you. Our railroad scale testing technicians are standing by to service any of your rail scales that may need testing. We are a certified rail scale testing company who can perform routine, yearly rail scale testing on your railroad scale.

Quality Scale Brands

We work directly with some of the best scale manufacturers across the United States. Our customers are always highly satisfied with their truck scale, rail scale or any other scale they purchase from us. As part of our commitment to our customers, we provide a preventative maintenance plan for each scale. This includes routine maintenance, scale checkups, and calibration to ensure your scale is in top working condition so you aren’t losing out on money.

For more information or to get your hands on a quality, reliable scale, contact us for one of our technicians in the Atlantic area.

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