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Truck Scale Calibrations

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As a truck scale owner, you understand how important it is that your scale maintains proper scale calibration. Even the smallest error or improper scale calibration could contribute significantly to potential revenue loss. No matter what you are weighing, you rely on your scale to deliver accurate results for maximum revenue potential. Turn to Scales, Sales and Service to service your truck scale to ensure you are obtaining top dollar for all things your weighing.

Accurate Weighing

Avoid overload fees with proper scale calibration. Calibration plays a key role in running your business properly. It ensures that you are not overcharging a customer or undercharging, resulting in substantial profit loss or even if you will get fined by the state for being overweight. Every truck scale, rail scale, lab scale or any scale really should be calibrated and tested frequently to ensure proper performance. It is standard that our scales have two calibrations per year.

If you are already weighing low cost products and don’t think being off a few pounds will matter, it does. To be in compliance with the state, you need to ensure your scale is properly calibrated and tested by a licensed technician. Proper scale calibration comes standard with all Scales, Sales and Service scales and can be done by one of our many certified scale calibration certified technicians.

What to consider when determining how often you should calibrate your scale:

Number of weight measurements done per day
How many days your scale is used annually
Price of products being weighed
Acceptable error rate

Quality Service

Service is not only in our name; it is at the core of our business. Our scale calibration service technicians use NIST Traceable certified test weights for regular scale and high precision analytical balances, applying the appropriate and necessary calibrating techniques to improve your equipment’s dependability. If you are doing legal-for-trade weighing, it is vitally important your scale is properly calibrated. We take pride in servicing your business in a timely and efficient manner, offering on-site calibrations to ensure your business remains at the highest level of productivity. In case of an emergency, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Scales, Sales and Service scales, whether they be cannabis scales, agricultural scales, truck scales, rail scales, or even lab scales, we calibrate them all. With a scale from us, you are guaranteed to have a scale calibration done every year; some scales require bi-annual calibrations. We offer PM, preventative maintenance, with all our scales no matter the size, type, make, or model.

Scales, Sales and Service can service any brand of scale from heavy to light capacity, including the support equipment that keeps your business running efficiently. Let us customize a preventative maintenance plan to fit your needs!

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