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Truck scales drive your business, so it is imperative that you get routine truck scale maintenance performed on them at least once a year. Scales, Sales and Service provides PM, preventative maintenance, as a standard service with all truck scales and rail scales. While the truck scale itself is important, a preventative maintenance plan is even more important. Correct service weighing equipment reduces the likelihood for inaccurate measurements. Scales, Sales and Service offers a PM with all scales. If your scale hasn’t been serviced in a while, perhaps you aren’t accurately weighing your goods and are losing money. Turn to Scales, Sales and Service for accurate truck scale maintenance.

Maintenance Services We Provide:

Industrial strength power washing
Repairs and inspections
Calibration services



If you want to increase the longevity of your scale, especially if you use it daily, it is important to have the correct service and maintenance plan in place. Scales, Sales and Service scales require PM every year. No matter if you have a truck scale, rail scale, lab scale, or cannabis scale, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our PM program. Checking your scale daily, weekly, monthly and twice a year is critical as dirt, debris and water accumulate on your scale and can prevent it from performing accurately.


These tasks should be performed on a daily basis in order to ensure accuracy of your scale:
  • Inspect platform or table scale is on to ensure it is free from debris
  • Ensure digital display reads zero before a vehicle or object is placed on the platform
  • For pit truck scales, operators should confirm that any pit drainage systems or pumps are working correctly


These tasks should be performed on a weekly basis in order to ensure accuracy of your scale:
  • Check the load cell assemblies for debris build-up
  • Weekly weigh checks using a loaded vehicle, comparing vehicle’s weight when weighed at each end of the truck scale with its weight at the center of platform


These tasks should be performed on monthly in order to ensure accuracy of your scale:
  • Pit truck scales should be checked for possible ‘ponding’ of water, debris build-up or other damage to side of platform
  • Repeat weekly tasks
  • Truck scale should be jet washed to remove any debris build-up or loose debris
  • Scale should be rebalanced and reset to zero
Preventative scale maintenance increases scale longevity and ensures you are weighing products and materials accurately. Regular preventative maintenance also reduces the likelihood of damage to the scale, which in turn can lead to significant downtime, which leads to profit loss. Stay ahead of the curve and get scale maintenance done today!


Prevent scale downtime with routine preventative maintenance from Scales, Sales and Service. Our team is professional trained and certified to calibrate, service, and repair all scales. We provide you with your weighing solution, install it and maintain your scale to prevent you from downtime. Regularly scheduled cleaning is critical for the productivity of your scale but will also boost its life expectancy. After every scale maintenance call, our technicians perform a complete evaluation to verify the accuracy and dependability of your scale. There’s no one better to repair your scale or do routine maintenance on it than the business that installs and provides you with your scale. Turn to Scales, Sales and Service for all preventative maintenance on your scale. Give us a call today to set up your next maintenance check.
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