For Immediate Release, 7/10­­/2018:

Scales Sales & Service has hired a Metrologist!

Jayson has provided support and consultation services to many highly regulated industries, such as Accredited Crime Labs, the petrochemical industry (Exxon, Shell, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, and Chevron), pharmaceutical manufacturers, their regulating bodies, and other important Government Agencies such as the EPA an­­­­­­­­­­d Department of Agriculture.

Jayson Will be available to our customers for 24/7 technical support, and audit preparation or assistance.

Jayson Dirks, has experience working as a Technician, Quality Manager, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Laboratory Manager, Service Manager, Account Manager, Application Engineer, and Metrologist in the calibration industry.

Jayson’s previous roles in the industry involved business development and advancing the calibration capabilities of the companies for which he worked. Since Jayson has began his time with Scales Sales and Service, we have added many capabilities in addition to our unparalleled scale offerings.

These include: Weight Calibration, Pipette Calibration, Thermometer Calibration, Drywell and Temperature calibration, Flowmeter Calibration, Pressure Calibration, and Micrometer and Caliper Calibration (dimensional measuring tools), Optical Comparator Calibration, and Electronic Calibrations.

If it looks like we’re missing something, please don’t hesitate to contact us as our capabilities are growing rapidly! We look forward to introducing you to Jayson and building a long-term relationship that will benefit both of our companies.

Your Business is Our Priority!