Scales, Sales and Services work closely with farming and ranching industries when it comes to specific needs in livestock scales. Weight plays a crucial role in these industries, whether you’re weighing a single animal or multiple, we can provide you with the specific and reliable scale you are looking for. Our livestock scales are compatible with other data management systems to help manage your business.

Portable Scales  

Each of our livestock scales are designed to accurately measure weight in an easy method. Our portable livestock scales are equipped with the Model 640 indicator that is specific to animal weighing applications. Our scales are designed of a rubberized deck and pen sides. Our scales provide you with the ability to transport each system to different locations with ease.  We provide scales that are easy to install and cut down production time with a click of a button. 

Accurate Weighing

Our scales are built for accuracy and long-term service, which includes a firm floor for easy access for animals to move in and out of quickly. Livestock scales make a measurable difference in farming and ranching and are designed to withstand many elements when handling animals with extreme durability. Using our livestock scales, you are able to log, save, and print readings with a click of a button. 

If you are not in the market or financial state to purchase, talk to one of our representatives about renting a livestock scale.

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